Steve Jobs – Inspirational Speech


Steve Jobs – “If today were the last day of my life”

Why live your dream?  Why take a chance?

Steven Jobs tells you in a minute and a half why.

Clearly this is a life changing video and one that is well worth your time.

Realize Your Purpose

A very personal yet motivational video that communicates one of the driving forces behind Steve Jobs that propelled him to reach for the sky, to boldly face his fears, challenge the enormous odds of success and overcome the risks we all face when confronted with the unknown.

If you are meandering aimlessly or if you feel the hill is just too high to climb; take a minute and listen to a man who realized somehow how precious each minute is while we are here on earth. His message can help us all have a greater appreciation for our lives and the importance in discovering and fulfilling our purpose here.

Next Steps

Don’t waste another minute just dreaming… Start Doing.

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