Reserve Your Business Name on Social Media

reserve your social media business name

Social Media Name Reservations

Reserve Your Business Name on the many social media networks early in your business planning process. Ideally, you would do this before you settle on your brand to ensure you have the greatest opportunity for getting your brand in the majority of the platforms. This is an important step to getting starting with both your business branding strategy and your social media strategy. If you were to do this task manually, you would not be starting a business anytime soon but lucky for you; there is an easier way.

The Namecheck website is a great service to help manage your brand, whether you are starting your own business or simply just blogging for fun. allows you to determine if your Twitter name, Facebook username, and many other social media handles are taken, even before you begin to use the services.

reserve your social media business name

As you will see from, there are many different social media and blogging networks you can claim for your business.  According to Constant Contact’s research, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the most effective social networks for business organizations.   It should be noted that the same study shows that social media is the marketing activity that businesses most need help with.

By typing your desired username or handle into the site’s search box, NameChk  will query all the social sites listed on the page and display whether the username is taken or available.

new business name reservation

Reserving your name is an important step in securing the name for your brand brand as you move forward into the social media engagement and management. will also show you which names are unavailable as your start your naming process.

Currently unavailable names


Reserve Your Business Name Summary

As you are getting ready to start your own business, it makes good sense to check if your business name is available both at local and government agencies as well as online through the various social media networks.

You will want to claim your business name across the social media profiles that you are hoping to use in your business marketing.   This may not be possible, depending on your company name, your industry, and similarly named businesses.

Your name, your brand, is a key part of being recognized online and building brand credibility online.  Make sure you choose your name wisely.

So in closing, Reserve Your Business Name; it’s more than a good idea, it’s essential to ensure your clients are not confused and are able to easily find and identify your brand no matter where they encounter you.