Small Business Startup – Do Not Fear Setbacks


A small business startup is hard work.   Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The video below shows you why it’s important to try, and if you lose, to keep on trying.

Turning startups into success might not always be smooth sailing.   As this video shows, some of our icons in TV, music, science, politics and athletics had their share of setbacks before they succeeded.

Do Not Fear Setbacks: “If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.”

Lucille Ball was considered too shy and dismissed from drama school

The Beatles were turned down by a recording company that did not like their sound.

Ulysses S. Grant was a failed farmer and real estate agent.

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.

Thomas Edison was told he was too stupid to learn anything.

Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because he lacked imagination.

Abraham Lincoln was defeated in eight elections.

Do not fear setbacks.  You can do this.  We believe.  You should too.