Changing the WordPress Admin Username

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Changing your WordPress Admin username

is one of the first things you should do as you set up your small business website. Many installations default the username to ADMIN which is an open door for hackers to attempt to break into your site. Add another layer of security by changing your admin username.

Create a New Admin User and Delete The Old One

The easiest way to change your WordPress admin username is by creating a new user with your desired username. When you create your new username, you can assigned it an administrator role. Note: you will need a different email address than the one used by your existing username.

From your dashboard, select User from the main menu.

Change WordPress Admin Username - Select USER from the menu


You will see now see all users. In the case below, we want to change the “admin” username to something more unique and more secure.

WordPress User Menu


Click Add New and complete the new users dialog:

add a new user to wordpress


In this example, the new username will be “my_new_secure_admin_name”. Remember to change the Role to administrator.

Now you need to logout and then login with the new admin user (my_new_secure_admin_name) that was just created.

delete admin user in wordpress


Go back and select Users from the main menu and click on Delete under the old username (in this case admin)

attribute all content to new user


Make sure that you click the button to Attribute all content to: and then select either the new user you just created or to another user. In this example, we will attribute all of admin‘s contents to our username bill.

Click on the ‘Confirm Deletion’ button to delete the old user account.

Once this is completed, you will have successfully changed your WordPress username. At this point, if you want, you can change the email address on your new user back to the old email address associated with the old username (admin).

That’s all you have successfully changed your WordPress username. If you want you can change the email address of the new user (my_new_secure_admin_name) to use the old email address associated with the old username.